Institutional Effectiveness & Planning


Accessing Qualtrics
Who Can Use Qualtrics

Note: Your Qualtrics account will be disabled after you leave UNI. To ensure access to your surveys and data after leaving UNI, be sure to download all of your work before you leave the university.

Do I Need IRB?
  • ​Surveys intended to gather data for internal use at UNI generally do not require IRB approval.
  • To learn more about the kinds of projects that would require IRB approval and to explore whether your project might need IRB approval, click here.
  • Specific questions about IRB can be directed to the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs,
Getting Started
Beyond the Basics

The links below take you to PDF documents with links to additional information on Qualtrics tools and functions.

Links to Qualtric Help Modules (Links here lead to information on creating questions, distributing your survey, and creating reports, as well assistance with other topics)

Qualtrics FAQs

Additional Sources of Help

Clicking Help at the top of the page when you are logged into Qualtrics or go to the Qualtrics support page.

Watch Inside UNI and the UNI Calendar for Qualtrics workshops from the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning.

Contact Megan Vogt-Kostner, Senior Research Analyst, Institutional Effectiveness and Planning,