About IE&P

Our Vision

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Planning provides leadership in the innovative use of campus wide data for decision making by challenging institutional thinking and framing critical issues within the context of continuous improvement.


Strategic Goals

goal 1:

Streamlining Internal & External Communications

Improve internal and external communication efforts to build collaborations, showcase IE&P’s work, and contribute to the national discussion around continuous improvement efforts.

  • Maintain and expand communication pathways to disseminate information, increase awareness, and build partnerships
  • Showcase our work and contribute to the national discussion around institutional effectiveness
  • Maintain and develop internal communication methods as a way to increase and improve project collaborations within the IE&P team
  • Develop visually appealing, customizable data with visualizations to promote better data understanding

Goal 2:

‌Professional Development Opportunities

Support team and professional development through intentional/meaningful training opportunities.

  • Participate in opportunities to develop technical, interpersonal, and leadership skills
  • Plan team building activities on an annual basis


Data Literacy

Serve as a resource to build a data literacy culture to support strategic decision making.

  • Promote data-informed decision making to improve student success and meet strategic institutional goals
  • Actively engage stakeholders in discussions to increase efficient usage of accurate data and advocate for continued data transparency and access


Campus Thinking

Challenge campus thinking around emerging critical issues.

  • Challenge campus thinking about emerging critical issues
  • Lead, educate and advocate for data disaggregation processes
  • Assist administrators, faculty and staff in developing targeted approaches to institutional effectiveness